Kirchoff Distributing, Co.


Kirchoff Distributing, Co.

When local Budweiser distributor Kirchhoff Distributing Co. outgrew its facility, the company looked to IIW and Prism Corporation to provide the design for a new site.

As a member of the design team, IIW’s civil engineers and surveyors conducted the initial topographic and boundary surveys and provided the site work and building foundation.

IIW provided a site layout that best used the land and achieved the client’s goals. The engineering team also provided the utility connections and grading for the site.

When construction began, the owner contracted with IIW to provide construction services, including construction staking, inspection, and material testing.

The site plan featured a variety of paving materials and thicknesses based on the client’s uses of the respective spaces. Working with the owner and contractor, the final design included both asphalt and paving in areas occupied mostly by automobile and light truck traffic. Thicker, reinforced concrete was used in loading docks and maneuvering areas for trucks.


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