Asbury Park Business Park


Asbury Park Business Park

A collaborative and interactive process between the IIW team and an Iowa developer resulted in the design and development of one of the largest shopping centers in the state.

Motor City, LLC engaged the IIW team to provide consulting services for the development of a 152-acre site into commercial lots. This included 7,000 feet of streets and requiring 1.3 million cubic yards of earthwork near one of the busiest intersections in Dubuque.

The result is the thriving Asbury Plaza Business Park.

During the design process, the IIW’s engineers overcame several site constraints, including regulated waterways, disturbing wetlands, filling of a floodplain and an existing natural gas line. These constraints required substantial coordination efforts with regulatory agencies, utility companies, the City of Dubuque, United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the Iowa DNR, and the City of Dubuque.

In addition to completing basic design and permitting services, IIW provided bidding assistance, construction administration, construction observation, moisture and density control on excavation activities, and erosion and sediment control inspections.

Much of IIW’s work happened behind the scenes – or under ground – with the development of water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer utilities as well as mass site grading, paving and storm water control.

IIW also worked with River Valley Nursery and Landscaping for wetland delineations and Allender Butzke Engineers and Team Services for geotechnical borings and analysis on the project.