Port of Dubuque Marina Building

Dubuque, Iowa

Port of Dubuque Marina Building

Through concerted planning, the City of Dubuque has become known for the thoughtful revival of its riverfront and leveraging its place on the Mississippi River to spur economic and community development. Among the examples is the development of this new marina facility.

IIW’s architects and engineers worked along city leaders to create a marina building to provide boating services for adjacent boat docks and slips. It is an extension of the river walk that provides a picturesque entry point to the Port of Dubuque and actively invites transient boaters to stop for a couple hours or a couple of days.

The structural design posed challenges as the building was built on sand. IIW structural engineers analyzed the foundation system options and ultimately chose to design a series of auger piles and grade beams that together prevent the building from sinking into the sand.

The marina building now welcomes guests with a variety of amenities, including a marina/convenience store and office, a boater shower suite and laundry facilities. The building design also incorporate public restrooms, which are an asset to the public enjoying a walk along the river walk. Guests commonly grab a drink, stroll the river walk and take in one of the many attractions at the Port of Dubuque.

IIW led the project administration including coordination with the owner, sub-consultants, regulatory agencies, affected property owners, and others as necessary to complete the project.

The marina project is funded in partnership through a Federal Boating Infrastructure Grant through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Sport Fish Recreation, and Boating Trust Fund. The Boating Infrastructure Grant program is administered by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.