Benton County Courthouse Window Replacement

Vinton, IA

Benton County Courthouse Window Replacement

The historic Benton County Courthouse has been a focal point for this Iowa community and is named on the National Register of Historic Places for its rich history. When the windows reached their breaking point, county leaders desired to bring in energy efficient replacements that would reflect the original look from the 1900s.

They called on the expertise of the IIW architectural team for the challenge. At the time, the existing window systems had exceeded their useful life and many did not operate correctly. Without air conditioning in the building, the windows also provided the only means of ventilation.

With IIW’s guidance, the County selected a new window system reflective of its 1900s roots that also provided additional natural light and ventilation in the building.

During construction, IIW and the contractor discovered several areas of decaying wood at the entrances. IIW worked with the contractor to remove the deteriorating window systems and rebuild the damaged areas, saving the majority of the original woodwork.

The entrance systems also were replaced and provided with the ability to provide access control to all entrances should the county decide to control all three entrances in the future.